PE Universal Tuition Assistance Application Form for September 2017

Project Education has been taking the lead in working with the schools on the tuition assistance issue. The application process and the principles by which tuition assistance is given, guide the schools with a common set of values that ensure tuition assistance is provided equitably and is based on a sense of fairness.

Yeshivot who have joined together to issue the as set of principles by which Tuition Assistance is decided, have also agreed to use a Universal Application to make it easier for families with children in more than one school. Yeshivah of Flatbush, Magen David Yeshivah, Hillel, YDE and Ilan High School will use the Universal Application.

“Each school had a different application and it made the process very confusing for parents,” said Albert Laboz. “By having one Universal Application, the same application can be used in more than one school.”

Project Education specifically avoids use of the term scholarship in its materials. “Scholarship implies the schools are giving you an award which does not need to be paid back,” said Mr. Laboz. “In the Community-wide Tuition Assistance Principles, we let families know that if their financial circumstances change, they need to prioritize giving to the school in their charitable giving.”

Providing a Jewish education is hesed, an act of loving kindness.  The goal of Project Education is to find solutions that will alleviate the tuition burden felt by nearly half the families in the community. Each member of the community has a financial obligation to support the school. Strengthening the educational system ensures that our children will grow up with a firmly entrenched set of Jewish values.