Leave a Legacy You Can Be Proud Of

IMG_0927You spent a lifetime building your assets to benefit the people and causes you care about. Savvy estate planning can ensure that your intentions are fulfilled so that you leave a legacy you are proud of!

While many are able to give generously during their lifetimes, others find satisfaction in knowing that the legacy they leave in their estate ensure the future of the causes they care about.

You can declare your commitment to our ideals and philosophy by making a bequest during your lifetime.

Make the dream of yeshiva education part of your legacy by remembering the Project Education in your estate plans. Help the Project Education alleviate tuition costs and support our yeshivot.

Retirement Assets

If you leave your retirement plan assets (such as an IRA) to your heirs they may be taxed twice. After the assets are diminished by inheritance taxes they may be further reduced by the income tax your heirs will have to pay on what they receive! You can stop the Incredible Shrinking IRA by naming the Project Education as the beneficiary and leaving other assets to your heirs.

When you make this charitable gift, the death benefit qualifies for a charitable deduction from your estate and 100% the assets pass to the Project Education without being taxed. Your heirs may benefit from this arrangement because they can receive other assets, which are not as highly taxed.


IMG_0862Leaving a gift for future generations can be as easy as adding a codicil to your will. You can give a specific amount, a percentage or the residue of your estate. You can even name Project Education as a contingent beneficiary. A charitable bequest allows individuals to retain use of and control over their assets during their lifetime and remains fully revocable.

To make an outright, unrestricted bequest to the Project Education, simply include the following clause in your will:

“I hereby give, devise and bequeath to the Project Education Tuition Council, a not-for-profit corporation, having its principal offices at 825 E 18th St, Brooklyn, NY 11230, (Insert description of gift) to be used for its general, charitable and educational purposes.”

Bequests are the final expression of a life of caring and concern.

Express yourself now by making a gift for the future.

Questions? Email us at info@projectedu.org