Project Education believes that the education of our community’s children should be the top priority of all community members. Charity begins at home and Tzedekah should remain within the confines of the community. Giving 10 percent of your income for tzedekah is a minimum Halachic contribution, and those who can afford to give more should.

The initiatives of Project Education are designed as a long-term solution to the yeshiva education financial crisis. The organization hopes to increase the value each and every community member places on education and that community members will focus more of their giving dollars on supporting our yeshivot.

Supporting Project Education is = Supporting Yeshiva Education

IMG_0931Your monthly or one-time tax deductible gift to Project Education will be used to support community yeshivot and help relieve the financial crisis our yeshivas are facing as well as the tuition burden faced by community families.

Please give generously.

Or make your check out to Project Education Council and mail your gift to

Project Education, 3603 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY 11234