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The Project Education Plan Decrease High School Tuition in Community Yeshivot

The Problem

  • The cost of yeshiva education has outstripped the ability of families to pay.
  • Almost half of the families in our community receive Tuition Assistance.
  • One-fourth of a yeshiva budget is dedicated to tuition assistance and they cannot sustain it.
  • By decreasing tuition, many families will come off tuition assistance completely.


Our Plan

  • Transition the yeshivah revenue model so that tax-deductible contributions – not tuition – support the majority of operating budgets.
  • To make education the community’s philanthropic priority, thus permanently reducing tuition.
  • Every family in the community shall contribute $3600 annually, or $36,000, depending on financial capacity, to Project Education.
  • Project Education will distribute funds to the five schools, based on donor requests, head count, and the PE formula.

The Benefits

The Benefits – Tuition is Decreased by as much as 38% 

  • Economic Incentive: Contributors receive a tax deduction.
  • Dignity: Fewer families need tuition assistance.
  • Revenue: Schools have sufficient operating revenue
  • Value: Our community values are preserved

Pledge Agreement

I/We, wish to affirm our support of and commitment to an affordable and quality yeshiva education through a gift to Project Education. This agreement describes the intent and basis for my/our pledge. I/we understand that Project Education is a charitable institution and is fully qualified to receive charitable gifts. No goods or services will be received for this pledge. I/We, pledge a total gift of $ 3,600 or to support tuition assistance/reduction for the following schools in our community (Magen David Yeshivah HS, Yeshivah of Flatbush HS, Hillel Yeshivah HS, Ilan High School, YDE High School and possibly additional community yeshivot): to be paid by November 15, 2018.

Download the entire PDF and email to us.