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The Project Education Plan Decrease High School Tuition in Community Yeshivot

The Problem

  • The cost of yeshiva education has outstripped the ability of families to pay.
  • Almost half of the families in our community receive Tuition Assistance.
  • One-fourth of a yeshiva budget is dedicated to tuition assistance and they cannot sustain it.
  • By decreasing tuition, many families will come off tuition assistance completely.

Our Plan

  • Transition the yeshivah revenue model so that tax-deductible contributions – not tuition – support the majority of operating budgets.
  • To make education the community’s philanthropic priority, thus permanently reducing tuition.

The Benefits

The Benefits – Tuition is Decreased by as much as 38% 

  • Economic Incentive: Contributors receive a tax deduction.
  • Dignity: Fewer families need tuition assistance.
  • Revenue: Schools have sufficient operating revenue
  • Value: Our community values are preserved

Our Accomplishments

Since its inception in 2012, Project Education has had many incredible accomplishments. One of the main accomplishments has been bringing together the school leadership from various institutions to discuss practical solutions to the tuition crisis.  Project Education has looked at the tuition issue from every angle. No idea was dismissed. Our criteria were enforceability, legality, return on investment and feasibility.

  •  received several grants to conduct and research the tuition assistance issue; we held forums, focus groups and sponsored surveys.
  •  raised awareness of the tuition crisis through a series of targeted advertisements with the goal of helping our community understand the broad nature of the issue and how it will affect our children and our community’s future.
  •  negotiated an agreement among six yeshivot on tuition assistance principles that are being applied community wide.
  • developed a community wide tuition assistance application, which is being used by six yeshivot.